dimanche 19 juillet 2009

In progress.....

I'm nearly done with the Paris Burlesque Festival website.
Probably a few things to correct here and there...but it's almost completed, so it will be ready on time.
Thanks to L. for the ribbon.. he just can't get enough of this stuff....


Mr Ö

dimanche 12 juillet 2009

Paris Burlesque Festival

Here is the first pic I designed for the forthcoming Paris Burlesque Festival, the first ever festival dedicated to Burlesque in Paris.
I will probably "just" design the site, which will then be updated by the people of the Festival.

I'll keep you posted about it, but if you click here, you will be taken to a temporary page, where you can join the mailing list and download the press kit.

My fellow partners in crime are...

Scratching his head and puting the final touch to this "fucking Hellboy doodle", for L. Beauvilin.

"Trying to make it simple...
Trying to make it simple...Trying to make it simple...Trying to make it simple...Trying to make it simple...Trying to make it simple...Trying to make it simple..." for Dragonfly™ and the September deadlined Gasmask Lab website.


Mr Ö

jeudi 9 juillet 2009

San Diego Comic Con help...


Anybody going to San Diego Comic Con this year?
I'm looking for the sketchbook Bill Sienkiewicz will be selling at his booth during the convention and I don't want to pay crazy money to some fucking Ebay scalper for it.

If anybody's going and could purchase one for me, please contact me at gasmask.legal@free.fr, so that we can arrange the payment via Paypal.


Mr Ö

dimanche 5 juillet 2009

Girls, girls girls....

If you fancy your girls with a sexy attitude, you might want to check this: T.M.B.A.G.G.C.O.E.
This link page was created by Dragonfly but burried in the "Links" section of the site.

If you've not checked it, it's worth a visit...
Name dropping anyone...?
OK... Juliette Dragon, Kitten On The Keys, Sylvanie de Lutèce, Louise deVille....