lundi 22 juin 2009

On L.B. drawing table.

Mr Ö: Hey L, what are you penciling?

grumble-grumble-grumble...Hellboy... grumble-grumble-grumble...

Mr Ö: Uh.. aren't you supposed to help Dragonfly™ with the site redesign?

L.B.: grumble-grumble-grumble... drop dead... grumble... late on my stuff... grumble-grumble... plus have to work asap on some stuff for Admira Wijaya to color...grumble...grumble... stop wasting my time...

Mr Ö: Sure L., I love you too.

L.B.: Too bad - smile - you ain't Justine Joli - smile...

vendredi 19 juin 2009

The skeleton faced, bloody handed, soldier baby shouted black noise...

... and the gasmasklab website disapeared...
Okay, that's not how it happened, but it sounded way better like this.

In fact, the site proved itself too complicated to update - hence the lack of new stuff during last months - so Dragonfly™ decided to go and do a new, simpler, back to basic, 2.0 version, which SHOULD be online by the beginning-middle of September.

Please note the very subtle "SHOULD"... it can be delayed and it will probably only be ready on time if L.B. leaves his drawing board (and stop head-bopping and P-Funk signing to Parliament/Funkadelic all day/night long), to give him a hand.

Hopefully, this blog will keep you updated about what's going on in our dark little bunker, during the 3 forthcoming months.


Mr Ö